Positive or Negative?

Hi mommies. I tested my self yesterday and it showed negative. But i googled to see the results inside it and i opened my testkit and saw these lines. So am i pregnant or?#pleasehelp #pregnancy #advicepls

Positive or Negative?
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I took a Clearblue digital on 21 Nov 2021 and was “Not Pregnant”. My last menstrual period was 11 Oct 2021. Waited again for my period to come and just had the urge to test again using a normal Clearblue kit and got a BFP on 6 Dec. Tested on a Digital one and showed conception was 2-3 weeks prior. I’m 21 weeks pregnant now, 2nd pregnancy. And if I look at my Flo app, on 21 Nov when I tested Negative, I should have been 2 weeks 5 days pregnant. So I’m not sure what was going on. Maybe my HCG levels were not high enough to detect. Maybe you can try again next week with a normal Clearblue kit instead.

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you might want to test again week later, maybe too early to detect. also test in the morning 😀 if still fading, u can go polyclinic for a check. All the best! ❤️

keep trying :) I was apparently conceived on 26 April but only tested positive faintly on 17 May. I wish you all the best!

try the normal clear blue test kit. i only tested 5 days after my supposed period and was positive. do not test too early.

try again in a few days, if you're pregnant the hcg levels will double every few days. good luck! :)

To my understanding, clearblue digital will always have 2 lines. Try again in a few days. All the best!

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happened to me in November,took both digital and non digital ,few days later my period came.

Wait another few days, try using the normal clear blue. Clear blue are usually very accurate.

Always test your self 1 week after your missed period for confirmation.

Use Watsons normal kit. I think that is easier to see

i believe clearblue is most accurate