34 weeks aches and pains

Hi mommies, i am 34 weeks 1 day. I have been feeling so overwhelm by all the aches and pains in my lower belly. Also feeling a pressure pain on my previous c-section scar. This is my 4th pregnancy but i have never felt like this. Any tips or how to relieve all the pains?

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You might want to raise your concern on your scar with your gynae/resident doctor. My sister had the pain too. She had slight opening on the previous scar. Meantime, do not do heavy chores, carry heavy items and avoid carrying little one. Hope it gets better.

2y ago

i was just discharge last month because of my scar pain but they discharge me after 1 day because it was still too early. now the pain turned from sharp pain to pressure pain. what kind of pain did your sister have? atleast i know what to look out for!