Bump size and fetal weight

Hi mommies! My bump is growing super fast in early 2nd tri and bigger than what I see on petite preggers around me... Is there a correlation betw bump size and fetal weight? Does a big bump mean a bigger baby? 😅#1stimemom #firstbaby #pregnancy

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Everyone's pregnancy is different. I'm a middle size woman and my bump is like those carrying twins. Not my 1st pregnancy hence I showed way earlier in the 1st tri. I also don't eat for 2 as not to gain any unnecessary weight & also because I feel full really quick even with just a slice of bread. I only gained 2kg so far. My daughter told me everyone looked at my tummy like 1 kind 😅 No doubt it's heavy. Almost 31 weeks now.

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3y ago

A boy ☺️

Mine is huge as well! Everyone thought I’m in my 3rd trimester even thou I’m in my 2nd trimester. Furthermore, my baby is just of an average size😅 and I don’t really eat much (definitely not for 2). My colleague who is in her 3rd trimester has a smaller tummy than mine, hence, I concluded that it really depend on individuals.

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3y ago

good to know I'm not alone! haha

Each pregnancy is different, so there is no correlation btw the sizes. Just eat healthy and be happy always (: