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Any maid agency that is not costly to recommend? I am looking for FDW who is able to communicate (preferably indian) I HV searched several agency, and is really costing very high. Thanks

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Super Mum

Hi there, Unfortunately, costs are about the same everywhere. It is especially high now because of travel restrictions and the pool of transfer helpers are small and in high demand. If you choose to bring someone in directly from India, you may even end up having to pay for their quarantine. Sorry you’re having a hard time, it really isn’t a great time to be looking for a helper right now.

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I agree, it's rediculously high these days... My helper is going back home next year too and looking at the cost of getting a new maid, i've decided to not employ one next year. Nevertheless, i am truly nervous about running the household on my own.

you should try your luck at looking for a helper through FB groups. there's no cheap option going through agency at the moment, no matter to get a helper from India nor a transfer helper in SG.

Nowadays Agents are charging 2 times higher due to the travel restriction .

Try helperplace!