Poop Difficulty, Unsettled Tummy

Hi, my LO is now 4months old and i mixed feed him. He does not poop frequently and sometimes he doesnt even poop up to 9 days. I am still finding suitable milk powder for him. Tried Similac Total Comfort still having unsettled tummy. Any advice?

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If you can breastfeed more try to do it more often over than formula. It has healing properties that could potentially help with your baby's constipation. I mixed fed my baby since birth and it was pretty normal for babies to not poop everyday. Do more tummy time and exercises as well. You can massage the tummy area gently.

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is the pooping difficulty frequent? my baby hasn't poo for 5 days, we bring to the PD and put suppositories on day 6, after that she didn't poo for another 5 days and same thing we put suppositories on day 6. this seems like a frequent thing now, she put suppositories for 3 times already and now another 6 days no poo.

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2mo ago

yours is only one time 9 days didn't poo? or a few times already

It might be the Similac is heaty for your LO. Try other brand like Nan OptiPro, Dulac/Dugro/Dumex, Lactogen, etc. Try in small tin first. Meanwhile you can massage and do bicycle kick exercise to ease the unsettled tummy.

Same for me also. tried similac but baby still continue having constipation, maybe not suitable for her. i changed to kendamil, which works well for my baby until shes a toddler now

2mo ago

ok, will keep that in mind.. thanm you!