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My LO is currently 9 weeks and weighs 5.3kg. She’s currently using Merries S size and I noticed that her diaper will be full and unable to hold the urine even for 3 hrs. Any mummies faced this problem?

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Started off using merries but can't hold poop well leak constantly. Now my boy using peekapoo.

you can try rascal and friends diaper. can hold up to 12 hours. :)

I started using Merries too , but switched to Huggies instead .


switch to M size or try rascals and friends it's goof

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Try peekapoo. It holds very well, and even overnight

you can try using huggies gold or mamypoko

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Try other brands for a diff fit

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Rascal and friends, pampers..

1y ago

Thank you so much!