My lo is coming 10months, and i have recently start to feed her brown rice instead of white rice. However, i have notice that the a lot of brown rice appears undigested in her poop, is that normal? Should i stop feeding her brown rice? Would appreciate any advice please.

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It’s normal as brown rice is harder to digest. You can see vegs carrots corns too if you feed your little ones these.. but do note that brown rice since harder to digest may caused constipation so you might want to give more milk or water too

5y ago

Teach her to learn and chew, as long as she doesn’t choke then it’s fine. Either cook the food till semi soft if you worry abt her choking.. as they grow they will learn .. I always give my lo soup with rice so it’s not as hard but not those gooey porridge so that they learn to bite and not purely swallow

Try soaking brown rice overnight? Shld be softer after cooking & might be digested..??