Is this normal?

My LO is 9 weeks, used to drink 90ML every 2 hourly.. Now after 90ML, I have to top up 20ML by 20ML and she can take 130ml & still be asking for more in the day time. (But if I give her 100ml in one serving, she cannot finish.. only if I start with 90 & keep topping up immediately after her first 90 ML 😓) Bottle fed full EBM. But I’m not sure like after 10pm she can only drink 90ML max (she will lock her lips,turn her head, push the bottle with her hands, smile or keep talking) and that can last her 5-6hrs 🤔 One more question: Do I need to wake her up to drink? #advicepls #firstbaby #1stimemom TIA!

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best to wake her up cos still very small baby