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LO 1 month plus, quite a hectic mostly at night cause waking up frequently and its not the feeding time. and my family sometime confused that its feeding time just because of the cries... then im always try to not to give my LO pacifier if possible..but it was so stressful and all the elders keep recommend me to give end up the pacifier win... now i have questions - i sense my LO will be addicted to it so how can i lessen the addiction? - do i give her suck the entire night or should i removr when shes deep sleep? - any great tips will be great! #advicepls #1stimemom #firstbaby #pleasehelp

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I had a similar experience because my baby was v fussy and kept wanting to latch on me. In the 1st mth, there were days he was literally on my boobs the whole day. So I had to give in to the pacifier at his 5th week just to give myself a breather😅But we don't give him often. Whenever I can I let him latch on me before he sleeps and tt proves to be faster than using the pacifier. We only give him the pacifier if he doesn't stop crying and all else fails (aft checking tt he's full, diaper changed etc). He's 3 mths now and still prefers to latch on me rather than taking his pacifier. Less fussy too and cld fall aslp on his own alr so he hardly uses the pacifier now.

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4mo ago

Mine was at night she was tired but couldn't sleep even we soothe her so she start being fussy and cry quite sometimes.. Currently my LO will use pacifier when she keep crying and unable to stop even i try to soothe her so she soothe herself to sleep and spit the pacifier out.

Remove when she's sleep already, don't always let she latch to the pacifier.. Give just to let her calm down, when the 1st tooth come out.. Wean off the pacifier.. Good luck 💕

4mo ago

Thank you!