Why I recommend pregnant mummies to take Covid vaccine

Hi all, would like to share some insights since I find many forum questions are asked by different users about the same topic - whether to take the vaccine or not. I used to be of the view that I’ll only take it after baby delivered. However my views have changed because of recent change in Singapore’s stance against Covid and how they will be dealing with it. I still think it’s best to take it after first trimester when organs of baby are developed, but this is my own opinion. Hence I’m going for the jab in 2nd T. Reasons why I’ll encourage all to consider taking the vaccine during pregnancy: (1) as SG move to treating Covid as endemic, and we need to open up for the economy, more cases will be shooting up in time to come. Along with it, more UNLINKED transmissions will occur. This puts the unvaccinated people at greatest risk. Will you be ok with it? It is already happening now - cases are rising already… (2) vaccinated people can still infect other people - it doesn’t mean they are 100% immune to Covid - if your family members are vaccinated but have to work and travel outdoors, they can still carry the virus back home to you. The worst part is, they may not show ANY symptoms of sickness. This is the Scariest part. Even if you coop yourself at home, don’t go outside, someone you live with can still pass the virus to you. - delta variant as we know, is more aggressive than the original strain. This puts unvaccinated folks really at a vulnerable position. Furthermore you have a child in you as a pregnant mum. (3) Have you heard of Covid placenta? Photos attached for more info. - Covid likes to cause blood clots in their host. This means your placenta can get clots, which will stop nutrients and blood flow to your unborn baby. Your baby will likely to die in your womb. - getting vaccinated while pregnant will reduce the risk significantly. (4) while newborn infants are not eligible (yet) for Covid jabs, if you take the vaccine you can pass antibodies to your unborn child via placenta In conclusion, risk now far outweighs benefits of not taking vaccine. If we can’t even guarantee the life of baby inside us, we can’t even talk about dealing with potential Covid jab side effects once baby is born right? The requirement is that your baby must be alive to do so. Would you rather have a baby, and then cope with any potential Covid jab side effects? Or would you rather have Covid virus infect you and baby if you don’t take the jab?

Why I recommend pregnant mummies to take Covid vaccine
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I second to this too! Took my first jab at week 24 upon approval of my Gynae and second jab at week 26. Now week 28 already and baby is as active as usual. Other than the usual ache at prick site, no other side effects for me. I’m glad I took the vaccine too as it is scientifically proven that antibodies will be passed onto unborn child, and when I breastfeed once the baby is out, I can still pass on more antibodies too.

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