Confinement wine

Hi, would like to know if any mummies drink confinement wine 米酒 while breastfeeding? My mum told me to cook food with it and made bottles of it for me. But I am worried about the alcohol in level in it as I read that there will still be some left even after long hours of cooking. I intended to breastfeed my baby.

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It depends on how you think, my doctor felt breastfeeding was more important than having those alcoholic dishes since he does not support the effect of confinement wine. But my mil gave it to me anyway so I just stopped breastfeeding for the next couple of hours. I cannot defy my mil but if is your own mother maaaaaybeeeee you are in a better position to reject. Haha

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yes many mummies did that. avoid feeding the next few hours to be safe. your body’s recovery is important too