Hospital care plan for 2nd birth onwards

Hi! Would like to find out your hospital care plans for your older children when you are in hospital for delivery. I’m due in about 2 months and my No.1 will be turning 2years by then. Very attached to me, always wanting me to do everything (shower, routine care, sleep) and will resist when the dad wants to help (can’t even pat to sleep as baby will say no, mama pat to sleep). We have help options (currently staying with in laws, my mum’s place is also avail) but we are hoping to reduce the changes needed for my #1, so trying not to make her sleep elsewhere except in our room. Hub wants to accompany me in hosp, so he suggested my child to sleep either with my in laws or at my mum’s place. I suggest him to be home with #1, and just witness the labour but don’t have to sleepover at the hosp with me. Really need some advices and experiences from everyone. This is causing me a bit of a stress and worry...

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i am facing this issue too. Actually with no help. So if baby choose to come out during #1 no school, then i will have to go deliver alone.

1y ago

Me too :(