My kombucha stock

Kombucha Stock available be fast before all gone pick up from Punggol or top up for delivery **Total 99 bottles** Not alcohol drink just fermentation tea with fruits 1. Merry date x1 2. Mulberry date x1 3. Merry blueberries x2 4. Merry strawberry x4 5. Red dragon x2 6. Red dragon date x2 7. Red dragon pear x4 8. Red dragon rose x8 9. Red dragon peppermints x2 10. Orange yuzu x4 11. Orange x 6 12. Orange Mulberry x4 13. Pineapple x3 14. Pineapple passion x3 15. Pineapple raspberry x1 16. Pear honey x1 17. Pear Ginger x1 18. Pear mulberry x3 19. White dragon rose x4 20. White dragon mulberry x2 21. Cherry x2 22. Grapefruit mulberry x3 23. Grapefruit ginger x2 24. Ginseng honey x5 25. Blueberries x2 26. Peach x4 27. Peach Canberry x4 28. Peach mulberry x4 29. Raspberry x1 30. Strawberry x2 31. Raisin 2 32. Raisin peach 2 33. Soursop x 4 34. Mix berries x4

My kombucha stock
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Hi I think it’s important to share that there is still 0.5% alcohol in fermented tea kombucha. the fermentation process itself generates alcohol. We have many pregnant or breastfeeding mummies In this forum. While 0.5% alcohol maybe a low risk, some mothers may prefer to be aware or avoid it entirely.

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