Kindly suggest me baby boy name starting with 'B'

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Seeking a beautiful , precious, cute Asian name (possibly Singaporean Chinese name) for my upcoming newborn daughter for the meaning of purity, gracefullness, finesse, poised, kind hearted, loving nature but over all strength within. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks a bunch!

6mo ago

Braiden. Brandon. Breil...

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Bryson, Bailey, Bradley. I like these 3...U may wish to take a look at the links below. I choose mine from the link with meaning.=)

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Brendan, Bryan, brad. There are many inspiration you can get from the Internet. You may wish to check the name meaning for a more meaningful name for your special boy

maybe u might be interested in this for baby name start with B

"Bahubali". Bahubali is most trending and popular name in India. Based on this name we have super mega hit movies.

How about Bradley, Brad, Beckham, Brooklyn, Bastian? I especially love Bastian, sounds really firm and strong.

Depend on your pref! I chose mine from this website...

Barron, Brennan, Benjamin, Brandon, Bryan, Brian, Baxter, Baylor, Blaze, Bryce, Bruce, Barry

Bipin, Bhavesh, Bhushan, Biren, Bhavin, Binoy, Bhishan, Bharat, Bhowmik, Bhargav

Benjamin Benjamin was the youngest and most beloved son of Jacob and Rachel.