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In view of the increasing no. of community cases in SG, will other mummy change your stand on going for vaccination? I'm in week 20 now. In dilemma whether should I go to better protect myself and my LO. Still there isn't enough studies to prove that it won't harm our LO after the vaccination in the long run. But without the vaccination, it means that we are more vulnerable. #advicepls #firstbaby

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I just went for my first jab ytd at 16 weeks. Feel alright ytd and tdy as well. For me, I considered risks such as complications which could get severe if I get Covid versus risk of taking the vaccine. I can self isolate but I don’t live alone and family members may also pose some risks of passing Covid to me. I also considered how long this situation will be for and if after taking vaccine some antibodies may pass on to keep child safe. Also read up on vaccines and how they work. Definitely something to check in with your gynae about and ultimately it is a decision up to individual.

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Thanks for sharing ur experience

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You should ask your gynae about that to hear the experts suggestion and hope here there is preg mom who get jab or no to share their decision.. i’m still breastfeeding and have 1st jab of pfizer and wait for 2nd jab..

Have u check with ur gynae? Does ur work require u to travel out of house often? I think you need to access based on the risk level you are in.

my suggestion better not to take.. we still dont know what type of side effect this jab can cause to the child.

my gynae asked me to go for it as i’m working more frontline, but i will most prob do so after 6 mths