1st tri tests (NIPT etc)

Hi all, I’m with private gynae clinic and my gynae only suggested NIPT and no need for Oscar. Can I check whether this is the case for most mummies? And may I ask how much u paid for NIPT? Thanks. #advicepls #firsttimemom

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I'm with a private gynae too and he gave me option for either NIPT or OSCAR but I chose NIPT for the accuracy. I paid about 1k before GST, so after GST about 1.1k, just for the NIPT. If include consultation fee and supplements, about 1.3k.

My private gynae did oscar. depends on your risk level. if young healthy, oscar works well and costs less. if any abnormalities detected they will ask you to do further testing

Yes I went for NIPT. Paid slightly over $1k after gst. Plus the meds and consultation fee for that day everything was around $1.3k

I went with NIPT straight coz of accuracy. But mine was pretty costly coz i did the comprehensive one which i rmb cost around 1.7k?

nipt is more comprehensive than Oscar so you don't need both. I paid 800+ for public hospital

yes u only need to choose 1. just do NIPT. im with private gynae too

yes, go for NIPT for it's accuracy

NIPT. around 1k plus.