I’m only at week 7 of my pregnancy but the tiredness has been so infuriating to me. I don’t get any work done I tend to wake up for a few hours then have a long nap :( i shower 3 times a day to make me freshen up but I’m still tired, any way to overcome this? #pleasehelp #advicepls

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Hiii this happened to me too! I recalled going to work at week 7 was such a chore to me + the morning sickness made things worse. What I did was I scheduled a 2 week leave and rushed as much work as I can (even before thinking about going on leave, and after I found out I was pregnant, I started off-loading my work to my other colleagues). During those time spent ‘rushing’ work, I had to WFH anyway, so I took naps and/or lie down when I need to. Then when my AL came, I spent my 2 weeks at home doing nothing. By week 11 when I came back, my symptoms has started to subside, and it was also then I decided to tell my trusted, close colleagues about my situation. We only now have meetings closer to before lunch or late afternoons, so I can take quick, undisturbed naps at other times. Hahaha So if you feel you need that rest and have enough leaves - I’ll say just do it 😅

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It’s normal no worries..when I was pregnant, I took every Friday half day leave from work and go home sleep. No matter how long I sleep, when it comes to night time I still can sleep. Once I told my hubby, I feel like a pig 😂 after that I think is sometime around second trimester, it got better. Perhaps you can try out for 2 weeks taking half day leave from work either every Wednesday (mid week break) or Friday (sort of long weekend) to have a good rest? See if it works for you.

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7mo ago

Omg Thank you! I’m so glad to hear it’s normal 🥲 I really couldn’t function and all I want to do is sleep. But this made me feel better, thank you!

Unfortunately, the fatigue is here to stay until the first trimester is over. I remember when I was pregnant as well, I couldn’t work properly at all. I was teaching and I felt soul-less. The moment I was at my table, I will just collapse and slept. Thankfully my colleagues understood as they are all mothers as well.

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me too. all the way from week 5 to week 10 i literally did nothing except sleeping, eating, watching shows,napping, eat and sleep again. no mood to do other things too with the nausea and tiredness. feels worse than a sloth 🦥