Outstanding hospital bills

Hi all. Im having financial difficulties w my kkh bills. Can i still deliver and be warded if i have yet to settle my outstanding bill?

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Sorry to hear that you are facing some finanical challenges. In KKH, there is the medical social work department. Perhaps approach the medical social worker to work out something first. Do consider working out an installment plan with the help of the medical social worker which you know you can pay back slowly in future, that would help. Lena is right in getting community agencies support. You may just call 1800-222-0000 (Comcare Hotline), share your concerns with the operator and they will link you up with the nearest Social Service Office, Family Service Centres, or other relevant social service agencies that could render the support to you. All the best to you!

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Super Mum

Hey Momma, I’m sorry you’re having some financial difficulties. Can I direct you to your nearest social service office so that you can apply for some financial aid for your medical needs and others. With the new baby coming, it’s going to put a further strain on your finances and you should get all the help you can get. With regards to your outstanding bills, hospital will not stop you from being warded for delivery.. you can call them to confirm too

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