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I'm a ftm in my 3rd trimester. Just thinking would it be better to do hair removal below so that it will be more hygienic and helps with recovery after natural birth cause I heard there will be lots of bleeding? The tot of the blood and pubic hair combo sounds nasty haha. Anyone able to advise?

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The bleeding will be similar to menses but its definitely more than 1 week. I did waxing before i gave birth for all 3 kids. I feel its lesser mess after birth and at same time thinking maybe gynae can sew back the wound better. If this is your first time doing it and you are in 3rd trim, not sure if they will wanna do for you as they might have concern that will trigger you go labour.

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Apparently at labor, nurses will shave off the pubic hair also. But More for hygienic and medical purpose than for a nice Brazilian removal I assume. Personally I plan to do my own shaving near due date. Don’t think it’s recommended to do IPL. Waxing might be possible.

I booked a waxing session @ Strip 2 weeks before my EDD.. not sure how will it go tho.. never tried waxing before but also don’t want to present my bush to my gynae 😅

I didn’t shave at all when I gave birth. The nurse didn’t help to shave either. It doesn’t affect recovery in my opinion as I healed after 4 weeks

wax not required as nurse does shaving. if u want u can trim as well. I did veet before delivery .

I trimmed mine before going into labour

I just did a Brazilian at 36 weeks…

I ask my husband to trim. not shave.

I shave myself