First baby kicks

Hi I'm a FTM, getting to 18w now. I read some descriptions that say to expect some baby kicks now, which feel like "small bubbles inside your tummy". Which sounds really cute. I've been getting some instantaneous sharp stabbing pains nowadays different parts of my tummy though. I thought it may be usual expansion pains but, could that actually be kicks? Do kicks actually hurt? #firstbaby #1stimemom

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Hi, FTM here too. Currently week 28. My bb’s kick didn’t hurt till she started attacking my rib cage from week 25.. Other than the rib cage attack, her kicks don’t hurt.

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Kicks do hurt at times when the baby is bigger n stronger.. bt not when they’re at 19/20 wks definitely

thanks! I guess it's just normal cramps then! 😭 looking forward to finally feeling baby move.