How did ur bb 1st kick feel for u?

Hi I’m a FTM to-be, curious! Was your bb 1st kick just a very mild one that your hand has to be placed on your tummy to be able to feel that lightest/slightest movement? I do know it get more intense as bb grows. 😍thank you for sharing! #pregnancy

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I felt the first baby movement around 19 weeks. It was when I was lying in bed early in the morn cause I just happened to wake up too early that day. Had my hand on my belly and was really just stoning when I felt little kicks or punches at the lower abdomen near pubic area. It was a couple of times and it really felt some something was pushing from the inside. Though my hand was on my belly, I didn’t feel the movement on my hand. It was on the inside of my belly that I felt it. After that I realised that I am usually able to feel it early in the morn when I wake up and not get out of bed yet. But any bit of sound or movement, I cannot feel anything from my boy. Am 20 weeks now.

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Hi I am a first time mum too, now 29 weeks. Like you, I didn’t know what I was supposed to be feeling and I only felt baby’s first definitive kicks at 25 weeks. It starts off like tummy rumbling when u are hungry. In the past 4 weeks the kicks are definitely stronger but not painful (yet). I started tracking baby’s kicks from 25 weeks. I was a little concerned at first about not feeling baby’s kicks earlier as some mummies felt it much earlier but my doc says for some FTMs (especially since I am taller), u may not even feel it till the start of your third trimester and there’s no cause for concern so long as baby moving well during scans.

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1mo ago

Yup like tummy rumbling 😄

My first kick was about 18 weeks .. I felt like bubble popping at certain spots on my lower abdomen, near the pelvic area. I didn’t have to place my hand on my tummy .. but I caught it moving when I’m sitting down. It’s like a small little kick poking out of my tummy !! Yes progressively it will be more intense. I’m 31 weeks now and my baby move around more than he kick me at a spot. Sometimes I feel like he use his knee or legs or hand to push against the wall of my tummy .. it’s a funny feeling !!!

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I could feel my baby's movement clearly at week 19. Then the following weeks could feel his movements were getting stronger and sometimes made me startled haha… Since week 28 I could see my tummy a bit stretched by his movements. 🥰 Currently, 29 weeks.

My first baby kick was actually to daddy’s face at week 23. She just gave him a good kick or punch 😉 After that it was mostly waves or bubblings till week 25 then I started to watch my tummy pop here and there 😊

My first kick around 18-19 weeks.. i feel like gas popping inside my tummy 😂 didnt know it was baby movement/kicks until i reached week 20. Thats when i felt the real kick. Very soft one

Mine kicked at 17weeks. Husband made me angry😅 then when we were done quarreling, he placed his face on my tummy and my girl gave him a double kick in his face😂

1mo ago

Lol 😂

I first felt baby movement was in my 1st trimester, twice somemore.. can feel baby roll or adjusting inside, just a short 2 seconds kind..

Thank you all for sharing here! 🤩 I enjoyed reading every post! 😄