Baby kicks

I’m a ftm, 20w currently. My bump is barely there and it just looks like I’m fat. I also read that it’s around this time we get to feel the baby but I don’t feel the kicks even as I lie still, placing my hands on my belly. When did y’all start feeling the baby? #firstbaby #advicepls #pregnancy

Baby kicks
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Felt baby’s movements at wk 16 (first pregnancy too), I didn’t have a visible bump throughout my pregnancy and I gave birth at 40wks to a babyboy weighing 3.002kg I still rmb the nurses were asking me if I’m sure I’m pregnant all the time even when I was about to deliver … but so long as baby is doing well shouldn’t be an issue and all the checkups are going well , if it’s making u worry can check with gynae too! For a peace of mind

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I felt mine at week 20. :) My bump is slightly bigger than yours at week 21, I’m currently at week 26……. My bump suddenly grew a lot 😖