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Im currently feeding friso for my newborn. I wanted to change to another brand. How do i do it? Can i just change or i need to mix the old n new one bit by bit. #firstbaby #1stimemom

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I just changed. Don’t mix. In fact My baby have tried all the brands. Just because I want to find out which is best for his digestion. Just that when introducing new milk give a lil first. Then gradually give more.

I will recommending just changing to the new formula without mixing. When my LO was three weeks old, we changed his formula and he accepted it 😊

change bid by bid. mix old and new then slowly to the new. if u literally change it your baby might not react well. diarrhoea for example.

No, please do not mix. Try feeding a bottle of the new milk to see if your nb rejects it or not.

U can try mixing