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im currently 5w3days. checked on friday using clearblue and its says 1-2 weeks pregnant. When can i check again using clearblue in order to get 2-3 weeks pregnant? my hcg level on friday was 68. Doc has told to come back for scan/blood test on Wed. thank you!

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hihi can I check where you got your blood test? I'm 4weeks 5days clear blue show 2-3 weeks but mid day urine test at polyclinic is negative so feeling really unsettled if I rem correctly clearblue 2-3 weeks threshold is about >100 so perhaps u can check again in 3-4days?

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hi i got my blood test done at a private gynae clinic, located under the block. you may want to try with first morning urine as thats when the hcg level is the highest. yes will be checking again tomorrow. Hopefully i am able to get 2-3 weeks. Thank you!

8mo ago

thank you for the info and sending baby dust your way!