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Hi, im currently 38 weeks. Subsidies NUH route. Do anyone know when will they do cervix check to how much you’ve dilate?

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NUH sub too. i was 1cm dilated at 38 weeks. they told me to follow up at 39 weeks with scan to check on baby's position& amniotic fluid level (ensure it's not too low to to possible leaking) but i went to the hosp at 38 weeks 5 days due to diarrhoea& regular contractions, when they checked i was already at 5cm thus hospitalised for labour.

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I had cervix check at 40 weeks for my first child in 2018. I was already 3cm dilate and therefore given 1 week to see if any sign of labour. Otherwise ill be induce which I was at 41 weeks 🫣🫠 I give birth the next day.