Don't feel baby movement since 04/07

I'm currently 23 week pregnant since yesterday I don't feel my baby movement, is that normal or should I be worried? #1stimemom #pregnancy #pleasehelp

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Do you track your baby’s kicks? If baby usually kicks a lot everyday and there’s no movement for one day, you can try drinking something sweet or holding a cold drink to your belly. If you have already tried this, then yes best see a gynae for peace of mind. I didn’t feel my baby’s first kicks till 25 weeks but it’s been everyday since then, although some days he’s definitely more active than other days.

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Baby been so active and Theres one time i didnt feel baby move for 2-3 days.. i was so worried.. i chatted with my cousin who is also pregnant about it. I told her by next day no movement, i’ll go a&e. And i think baby heard me. Baby started active the next day ☺️ try talking to your baby!

If you don’t feel baby moving for the day after trying all sorts (eating/drinking cold water), do go to A&E asap. Baby should move at least 10 times in 1-2hrs a day. I had same experience in my previous pregnancy, my baby heartbeat had stopped…

drink something sweet i.e milo and tap left or right side of tummy. If still no movement, better to consult gynae.

Try drinking cold/sweet drinks, playing music, flashing light and do light taps to interact with tummy.

Sld feel 10 movements within 2 hours. If nt consult your gynae.

Omg same, he's less active and been 2 days😭