Covid during pregnancy

Hi all, I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant. I've been down with cough and flu over 3 weeks, visited GP twice with meds and antibiotics. Tested ART 3 times negative. I was maybe 80% better the last 1 week but 3 days ago, the cough n flu started coming back. I went to GP again today and tested positive for covid. I've very bad cough and vomitted a few times after food due to the coughing. Worried that it will affect baby. Any mummies, can share their experiences? I couldn't find any posts regarding covid during pregnancy. Thanks #advicepls #pleasehelp #thankyou #covid #pregnancy

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I got Covid while 17 weeks pregnant. Started with sore throat and headache and followed by dry cough and flu. Took meds from GP, and also some nasal spray to clear blocked nose, managed to recover fully in 10 days. I’m now approaching week 27, I feel fine and baby is growing well :) Just take your meds, get plenty of rest and drink lots of water, you should be fine.

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I've very bad cough and so worry it will somehow affect bb :(

it’s very normal and many mummies have gone through this. just rest and take meds accordingly to recover. many have given birth to healthy babies too. don’t worry so much.