Sharp pain on bottom left stomach

Im currently at 11 weeks. Im experiencing very sharp excruciating pain on my bottom left stomach that has been going on for few hours since morning. Having difficulty moving, standing or walking cause the pain will get worst. went to private gynae to get my babe checked but baby looks normal and nothing unusual during the ultrasound. Anyone experience same thing?

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Sometimes I feel that it is the bloating and indigestion that is causing all these pains. I also have intermittent pains all over my stomach and lower abdomen, but it just comes and go quickly so I didn’t really think it’s concerning. Plus no bleeding means still quite safe.

I had the same thing too .. and my gynae did ultrasound to assure me baby is fine and then proceeded to do some checks and then said it’s probably due to my intestinal issue (in short my constipation 🤭)..

1y ago

My gynae did want to give medication to ease the ache and for constipation but I refuse because being a kiasu first time mum, I try to avoid any intake of medication other than supplement at this stage (first trimester) .. The it’s more of like ache not sharp pain.. on off I do feel pinching pain but I suppose that is normal? Also , how long was your pain? U still feeling the pain? I hope you are feeling better now.. or did the gynae check if there is any cyst or what that might cause the pain? I remember my gynae say usually these situation there 3 issues since baby is fine , it could be cyst or intestinal problem .. can’t remember the 3rd…

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