Is there private at NUH?

I’m 6 weeks pregnant and I’ve been referred to NUH through polyclinic and my first appointment at NUH is at the end of the month. However, I’m aware that I’m now under subsidiary/government and there is no gynae assigned to me. Am I able to ask for just one gynae to see me throughout my pregnancy? If so, how do I go about it and what additional costs will be incurred?#pregnancy #firstbaby #pleasehelp

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Hi, i’m a private patient at NUH and my gynae is a senior consultant. you could just call up the private clinic to ask for your preferred gynae and see when is their earliest date for you to have an appointment. but cost wise would be on a much higher side. normally for a senior consultant, consultation fees are around $100plus. if there are scans or tests that day it can go up to $300plus per visit! hope this helps

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I m a subsidized patient @ KKH and my friend went to NUH. Personally I feel that the doctors are good, don’t think I need to go to a particular doc. So far every visit (with ultrasound) I am charged $80-$90. Test/scans are much cheaper too (think 50%). Maybe for special / complicated cases, it’s better to go to the same doc. To ask for a particular gynae think that is considered as private patient.

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Reading all the comments here and saved your post. I'm going to change to private too cause the subsidized Gynae keeps changing, and the latest Gynae i got was not a good listener and the sessions with her always feel rushed (met her twice). Anyone knows a gynae named Pradip? (i just want to make sure his name is Pradip before i book him cause my pregnancy brain forgot his full name)😭

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1mo ago

@grace c Yes2!! Thank you so much😘 Yes he is nice and thorough. I liked the way he took his time to explain things cause i am a high risk.

If you want 1 gynae to be assigned, confirm private only. I took NUH via polyclinic too. First 2 trimesters I was still under subsidiary since it was all the regular checkups. Only the last trimester, I change to private. More regular checkups. And also, the price for each consultation/check up is like $120 . So you need to choose your own gynae. Get recommendations or read up on them

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any referral from polyclinic goes through the subsidized route. yes you can call in the hotline and request for an appointment with a specific gynae. you will then be registered as a private patient and the costs are higher. Subsidized appointments are under $100 per visit, and private is $100 onwards per visit.

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2mo ago

yes it’s true

If you would prefer a fixed Gynae for all visit, it would be considered private patient in NUH. However, you can also consider other Gynae outside of NUH since you would like the same one to see you. The charges for private Gynae outside and in NUH is pretty much e same.

Yes they have. You might want to consider staying on Subsidized route until major tests are done to save the costs of the tests. Unless you already have a preferred gynae, otherwise you can also take your time to choose until you complete the tests.

If you really want, during your first visit can let the clerk knows about your preferred Gynae and being a private patient thereafter. They will guide you through with the expected upcoming package and prices etc.

You can ring Jurong Woman Clinic at Jurong East as it is private clinic which the senior consultant gynae are attached to NUH. I am seeing the gynae at Jurong Woman Clinic and delivered at NUH as private patient.