Brown discharge

Im 39 weeks pregnant today and im experiencing dark brown discharge since last night. Is this normal or should i be concerned? #advicepls #1stimemom

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im also having it now at 35wks.. it started with brown and then turns into red but its more of spotting.. doctor advise to bed rest and take utrogestan to relax uterus. also he mention that as long as no pain no heave bleeding no clots and baby is moving well i should not worry! consult your ob too. update us! its worrying but im trying to put my mind as ease too!

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Hmm there can be a lot of factors surrounding this one. Did you have sex recently or not? Did you have fever? Is it severe bleeding or discharge only? Check out this guide or call your gynae?

dark brown is fine, if you see reddish or watery discharge it means contraction is going to happen soon. my advice is to clean yourself, have some food if possible and pack your hospital bag, and prepare to check in once contraction kicks in.

I had brown blood initially like 1 wk before i gave birth.. my gynae actually said its ok with no contraction..

Baby coming soon! You may start feeling irregular contractions soon in the next 24-48 hours. Good luck!