Induction at 37 Weeks with AC 2 Centile

I'm 36w3d now (FTM) and my initial EDD was on 15th Sept, but my gynae advised to induce the baby on 38w2d as the baby's tummy size was low at 35w2d growth scan. It was at 7th centile during 32w2d growth scan and the overall weight was around 1.7kg, so we were told to do another growth scan at 35w to ensure on the tummy growth, but the tummy growth was down to 2nd centile and the overall weight was about only 2kg, so my gynae has suggested to induce me on 2nd Sept so as to give birth on 3rd Sept i.e. 38w2d and asked us to visit every week to scan the water level and blood flow. On our yesterday's visit at 36w2d, our gynae told us that she will be inducing on 37w3d even though the blood flow and the water level are normal. Since the growth scan was scheduled to be done only in 3 weeks interval, gynae said that she don't want to take risk and want to deliver at the earliest possible. Please advice if the baby's weight would be normal by then and the delivery will be normal as well. #firstbaby #1stimemom #pleasehelp

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better to get a second opinion from another gynea if you feel worry..