Stomach tightening

im at my 34 weeks now. my stomach has been super tight especially after dinner, and will constantly be tight till i fall asleep. when my baby moves, it feels even tighter and painful because of the movement. What's the cause of this? Im not sure if its Braxton Hicks because i read that it last few seconds. But for mine, its longer. There isn't any other symptoms. Is it because i eat too much? Or? FTM here. Thank you in advance :)

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Could be that your stomach needs to expand when you eat and at the same time uterus is also pressing onto your diaphragm which makes it uncomfortable and difficult to breathe. Try eating smaller portions instead. Like really small portions but frequent throughout the day. Don’t eat 3 big meals, you’ll have a hard time breathing. It gets better towards the end of pregnancy.

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Could be Braxton Hicks cos that's how it feels. Tightening. Comes & goes. Your body is preparing for labour. Also you could be too full. At this stage your stomach feels full very quickly even with a small meal. Try to take a much smaller meal but frequent.