Covid and pregnancy

Hey I’m 32 weeks and just got tested for Covid. I have mild symptoms like sore throat and flu. No fever yet. Is it dangerous? Are there risks 🥹 Has anyone got Covid while pregnant?? #ftm

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Yup i got it for the first time when i was pregnant early this year (‘: but dont worry it wont affect baby, baby will still grow well. If youre less than 38 weeks preggy, theyll treat as normal covid patient. Will just give paracetamol thats about it.

Yes, unfortunately I’ve got it at wk 36. Don’t worry! A positive mind is impt! Rmb to stay hydrated. I thought I drank a lot of water but turns out it’s not enough, I was dehydrated during my checkup after I recovered. Drink 3 l per day at least!

2mo ago

I think I drank slightly less than 2l, but was already more than usual for me 😅. After tt, my gynae suggested to drink at least 3l daily and thankfully the amniotic fluid went back to normal range after a wk.

I got it when I was 11 weeks pregnant. I took about 11 days to recover but I went on with a healthy pregnancy. My baby was born healthy at 39+5 3.5kg. Just ensure you see Dr, rest and hydrate yourself mummy!

Im week 30 and just recovered from covid too. Not dangerous but with sufficient rest, i have recovered and turned negative after 4 days.

I got covid when I was pregnant too, don't worry just rest more and hydrate yourself. your baby will be fine!

yes i had covid when i was pregnant at 5months dont worry everything will be okay,Please dont think too much

got covid at 39 weeks ,baby is fine, don't worry. if got fever, take paandol.

I did, during my first trimester. My baby is born healthy and cute! Haha

3mo ago

Hurray to us! Hahaha

i got covid at week 35 in 2021. baby is now 2yr++ and healthy :)

Thank you everyone!! 🥰