Any insurance for pregnant women to cover some expenses in Singaporewithout buying a whole life insurance?

Hi I’m 16 weeks pregnant and I already have a hospital plan that covers some of the pregnancy complications. Are there any insurances that covers some more expenses like vaccines, pre and post natal visits without opting for a whole life insurance. (I’m a DP in Singapore). Please suggest and thanks in advance! #advicepls #pregnancy #insurance #maternity

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You can purchase stand alone maternity plan to cover for pregnancy complications etc If you wish to cover for pregnancy related expenses, the insurance have to be bought 12-24mth(depending on insurance company) before your pregnancy to be effective.

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For that very reason, these type of plans are not popular in SG. Due to the long waiting period and cost involve, which may be equivalent to the cost of expenses during pregnancy.

I saw below article . It may be helpful. sharing with you.

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Hi can you share it again.. thank you