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Hi.. Im 15 weeks pregnant and my breast start to swollen.. I dont know why.. Any one know what type of bra is recomended during pregnancy??

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I bought mine from bugis village. Temporary ones till 3rd trimester cos don't know how much the breast will grow to. 3 for $20. Cotton and no padding and comfy. Kinda like sports bra but not tight, pretty stretchable.

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Cotton bra , maternity bra or you can get from Uniqlo! At 3rd trim, you can prepare nursing bra Avoid wire bra.

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get wireless maternity bras! i got from bravado and motherhood.


find a maternity bra which you feel comfortable

uniqlo wireless bra is quite comfy..u can try

I really like Bravado Design! Super comfy!

Go Marks & Spencer and those wireless bra!

i wear 6ixty8ight sports bra and its comfy

i bought mine from neiwai. very comfy.

no wired bra. uniqulo padded top