Nausea before and after eating all day long?

I'm at 11+ weeks and still feeling nausea all day long before I eat and even after I eat! Is anyone feeling the same? Hate drinking water too and keep craving cold drinks... #advicepls #1stimemom

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I'm feeling the same, at week 12 now. sometimes I don't even know if I'm feeling nauseous because I need to eat. its like I have a full meal but 3 to 4 hours later, I'm feeling nauseous and feel like I've to eat again but sometimes really have no appetite cos stomach feels bloated.

5mo ago

honestly, I don't have any remedies. I even bought the preggies pop drops (some candies that has B6 content) to try but not much use. if really cannot take it, I will just go and puke and then eat a meal haha. Will feel slightly better. then wait for a couple of hours then go to bed. sleeping really helps to temporarily stop my nausea. I also on some days, hate drinking plain water. like the taste of it makes me wanna puke but really got no choice but to drink it to keep myself hydrated. I also sip on 100plus too or lime juice. used to drink reduced sugar soya milk but now that I'm taking iron tablet, I stopped drinking soya milk cos cannot take it concurrently, will affect the absorption of iron tablet.

7 weeks and yes. Although I have to say nausea hasn’t been so bad with doc meds. But yes to cold water.

5mo ago

ah my doc didn't give me meds. I'm quite cautious to drink too much cold though