Can I eat Salmon in Poke Theory?

Hi! Id love to eat Poke Theory but im unsure if i can eat the salmon there as Im unsure it it’s fully cooked or isit like sashimi. Anyone knows? Really feel like having one now that my appetite is back :’)#firstbaby #advicepls #pregnancy

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Hi That’s marinated sashimi. Best not to cuz they left it out for some time. Get your sashimi from better trusted sources if you really want it. I ate sashimi a few times during pregnancy even raw oyster . It was ok. Ofcourse I ate it secretly when my bump wasn’t out because people was scared for me, keep saying no. I believe my body knows if the food infront of me is ok to eat. Like it’s saying no to my fav BLT subway or poke bowl then I won’t eat it.

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It’s uncooked (tho cured with some acidity) but best to avoid especially since it’s pre-prepared and left out for awhile.

I ate sashimi :/ Japanese doesn't just stop eating raw even they are pregnant.

I’d rather not to eat the sashimi. For salad, I will clean and make myself.

Best not to! It's cured (so cooked through acidity), but best to avoid.

I skipped their salmon dishes and opt for cooked ones instead.

i ate it ~ and im fine 🤣 i jus eat everything in moderation

not advisable. gynae ever told me to not eat salad as well.

I ate my fair bit of sashimi while pregnant! Was fine hehe

Better to avoid sashimi. If fully cooked is okay