I wish I hadn’t given up my job for my kid
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Sometimes, I wish I hadn't

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I have no regrets at all although there are many times I wish I am still working so that I can provide my children with more comfortable lifestyle and when I am treated differently by my parents-in-law after I choose to be SAHM.

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giving up my job is one of the hardest part as i'm used to work but taking good care of of my child is the most wonderful and precious thing I've done. best job ever..

If not for the high risk of having our first child I would not give up my job or I 'd rather pursue my application in a public school.

I'm still working and I still have great time for my baby. It's just a matter of time management I guess.

No regrets staying home. Time can't be bought with money. I'm not rich. I live with bare minimum.


In fact im not working right now. No regret but i hope more precious job or more rizk in future

No regrets at all that I've given up my job. It's the best choice I've ever made.

I wished I could become a stay at home mum earlier or rather right after birth.

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Though i am still working, i wish i didnt had to leave my dream job for my kid.