Gestation sac at week 5 day 5.

I went to see doctor on my second check up and it was week 5 day 5. My gestation sac measured at 13mm. Is it consider normal?

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mine was only 0.5mm when the dr say I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Baby is growing well and I'm 24weeks now 😀

2y ago

the Dr initially told me that it might be ectopic pregnancy but because the hormones level was only about 10k he say that might be too early. Went back 2 days later to the emergency clinic with repeated blood test and the hormones was increasing nicely. I managed to see the sac on the 2nd appointment which was 2 days later from the first visit.

Should be? Mine was 1.28cm during week 5 day 4 :)

2y ago

Nope he did not say anything. Just wants me to go back to him 3 days later to do a scan again. He drew my blood too and said he will check the hcg level to reassure that the baby is growing well. Did yours manager to see any yolk? I checked on Google and read that at my week, it should be 13mm which is what I am having now. So i am very confused with the gynae.