fruits- big banana

hello!! i was told to avoid big bananas but my MIL just gave me this and i ate it… is this considered as big bananas? my mother say yes. do let me know wat yall think! does it have any effect on the baby? #advicepls #firstbaby #pregnancy

fruits- big banana
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the fruit stall auntie that I always patronise, told me not because big banana no good or what. and nothing bad will happen to our baby if we ate it like once awhile. but she told me in general to avoid bananas from phillipines because they are more cooling or what the Chinese say 'liang'... so she ask me stick to Malaysia bananas, those smaller ones. not really a bantang thing. just same principle as not drinking Liang teh during first trimester.

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Its funny that nowadays people blindly follow pantang… before you follow please do a reasearch on the actual fact behind those pantangs. Honestly, most of the pantang is a myth… i didnt follow pantangs. Got scolded by my work mate but i dont bother them. It just doesnt make sense at all. In my third trimester and so far its been a smooth sailing journey…

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Yes, this is considered as big banana. Del monte from the Philippines. Pregnant women are advised to avoid because its more cooling as compared to other varieties of bananas. It's ok to eat one once in a while. Stick to the smaller ones from Malaysia like pisang raja. It tastes sweet and helps with constipation as well. I rather play safe for the sake of my baby 😅

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I ate this big banana since the first trimester (yellow colour, not unripe green), but not everyday. Maybe 3 times a week. Now I am in my 3rd trimester. But if you are scared or believe in pantang then just follow the majority advice. This big banana helps with constipation too. I like to mix it in my smooties or just eat it when I'm hungry.

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Bananas also got different type of “species”. The biggest one is called pisang tanduk in malay. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Just eat in moderation and you’ll be fine. If you find the banana to big, eat half and make the other half into a smoothie or something.

I heard about it too. Old folks said if you eat this big and bend banana, baby might have seizure in future. I don't know how true it is. Just hearing it freak me out. I just obeyed and avoided this big banana, just to be safe than sorry. Small bananas are fine though.

What’s wrong in having banana? It’s completely fine if you take moderate.. This also applies to all foods/fruits you are taking! They are good source of potassium which usually e best fruit when preg lady having constipation..

Who advised u to avoid big bananas? 😬 I think the less “rules” you have to follow, the easier and more carefree your pregnancy will be. Happy mum happy bub ❤️

I've been eating this kind of banana thru out all my pregnancy without any issue. Not like you one day eat one bunch of it. It's fine if it's just one.

My parents also say to avoid big one. Esp those from phillipines. Like it has higher amounts of chemicals or smth. So I just took those small ones.