Infant Poop Change when using formula

Hi I was mostly giving breastmilk to my baby but now my CL left and I’m alone so I’m having difficulty pumping.. also my baby is eating more now.. so I have to top up with formula .. His poop used to be more watery and now is harder and more like paste or peanut butter texture. Is that ok? Or is he constipated?

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Is ok. Mix feed are fine don’t worry. You can bf if u have no time to pump. Pump whenever lo is asleep. Or Multitasking - you can pump using one hand while lo is on play gym mat/ play mat while singsong / use toys to lo. Or you can buy hands free pumping bra ( can get from Q10 ) As Long lo is poo / pee well. Unless if you see pinkish pee means dehydration Or lo didn’t poo for a week then have to see doc asap

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3y ago

Thanks for your reply !!