Covid at 32 weeks

I just want to ask if anybody experienced having covid while pregnant? (Hoping nobody went through this though.) I’m 32 weeks now and I tested positive for covid yesterday. I’m scared and worried for the health of my baby. Will it have any affect on her? Although I’m complete with all my vaccines and booster, will that help? Thank you. #advicepls

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U can call your gynae to check whether if there is any need to go kkh to check. I contacted covid when i was in week 37 and was advised by my gynae to visit kkh for a check. As the symptoms was minor, i was prescribed with medication to relieve the cough, fever and sore throat symptoms. I have recovered from covid after a week and delivered my baby at private hospital in week 39

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don't worry ! i gave birth to my little one at 37weeks when I was positive cov , though I wasn't fully vaccinated whilst being preggy but baby pcr is negative . she's all grown up now almost 1 year old already . 😁👍 first and the last being pregnant during cov 😂

Hi there :) I’m 32 weeks and just got covid on Sunday as well. Just make sure the medication given is safe for pregnancy consumption and rest and get well. As long as you don’t have difficulty breathing and no prolong fever you should recover safe and well ☺️🌻

Baby will not be affected with covid. Hence it is nothing to be worried about. However, if prolong symptoms of covid occurred do visit doctor to get a prescribe medication and rest at home. Or visit hospital for further check.

i knew someone who GAVE BIRTH WITH COVID.. haish they are doing ok now :) been a year

Will do! Thank you so much! This really helped ease my mind. 😮‍💨🤗

Best for doc to advise!