My wife is going through her morning sickness, she cant finish her food in even in small portion.

I am very worried over my wife's diet as she is not having appetite for food. Constantly nauseas and giddy. I am at a loss of what she can eat, and she has gastric issue too. Google has not been helpful too when we keep seeing conflicting information on what can be eaten and what to avoid during first trimester. Oh yes, my wife also underwent IVF in May and just recovered from OHSS #1stimedad #advicepls #pleasehelp

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Totally normal in the first trimester but pls make sure she eats. Go for bland foods such as plain porridge, plain biscuits or bread. Can also get her the anti nausea/anti sea-band from Guardian/Watson. Wear at her wrist. Helps to curb the nausea. If it's too bad, can ask gynae for some anti nausea pills. Daddy, she needs to rest a lot ok. Her body is going through a lot of changes to grow your baby in her womb so let her sleep, let her rest. Usually the morning sickness will go at the 2nd trimester but some pregnant mums will still have it till their third trimester, depends on individuals.

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