Swollen vulva (varicose vulva)

I think i have swollen varicose on my left vulva. Kinda just discovered it today but im not 100% sure since its self diagnosed and gynes are closed on sunday. Its either that i cyst which i doubt. Im at week 35 now but i stand + walk alot due to work and past 2 weeks ive been slightly limping on my left foot which i just assume its cause im pregnant and heavier. So sometimes i find my vagina area swollen especially more on the left side which i would ignore cause they say ‘baby is lower’ and causing more pressure. It doesnt hurt or anything but it’s basically lumps on my left vulva ‘left lips’ which worries me as its my first time seeing it. Anyone has had something similar? Any advice? #advicepls #swollenvagina #varicoseveins

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Super Mum

Hi there, A swollen vulva is a common symptom of pregnancy. As baby grows, there is added pressure on the blood flow to the pelvic area which can cause swelling. You could try cold packs to help with the swelling.