Hi mummies, anyone has night sickness instead of morning sickness?

I start to feel queasy in the evening time instead of morning. I don't puke but feel nausea. The smell/thought/pictures of food makes me want to puke. #advicepls

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I just reach week 7, I started once or twice nausea from week 6. It only happens after dinner (8pm+ onwards). Morning & afternoon sometimes I forget I'm pregnant, zero feel. I feel worried at times because my belly shows no growth (yet), and I feel totally like I'm not pregnant. Seen gynae 2 days ago, can see embriyo's heartbeat. So, am feeling better now. Initially I was praying for some signs (nausea), but when I really feel nausea, I felt like "dying", very miserable.

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Me! I’m 14 week currently but I’m still feeling nauseous and vomiting every day though slightly better then the past weeks. Worst was week 11-13. But my evening sickness has always been worst than my day sickness even though I have been taking diclectin daily before sleep to cure the morning sickness 😰

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Same here! Week14 tomorrow. Morning usually good except sometimes certain smell/food made me gag. Afternoon will start feeling bloated. Even when I didn’t eat much. However, when it comes to evening night, things got worsen. The nausea feeling is so uncomfortable.

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I have it the whole day from around week 9 till now week 25. I have been taking diclectin to ease the nausea and still could not wean it off yet. If you are okay to take pills, you can try requesting diclectin from your gynae.

with my firstborn i had afternoon "morning" sickness during middle second trimester to third. Now currntly preg. Im havin daily mornin sickness but usually ard 12-1 then 3:00-4pm then 5-6pm

It’s actually very common. Morning sickness does not mean that it only happens in the morning. Feeling nauseous or vomiting can happen anytime of the day during pregnancy.

Hi! For me, i will vomit/nausea when i brush my teeth or when i smell my discharge. I think for food don’t looks like i will feel nausea.

Hi, I have the same symptom as you~ only afternoon and night don't have appetite and feel nausea whenever I see food but didn't vomit.

I had all day sickness during my first tri. 🤣 ate poorly then and lost weight but thank God my baby was growing well

I have very night sickness. My nausea kicks in after 7pm and usually by 10pm I'll start vomiting.