im 39kg and 15wks pregnant should i be worried

i lost nearly 6kg in the first trimester due to the nausea. now im at my 2nd trimester, i only gained 1kg and there’s no obvious bump too. worried because my second visit to the doc is when im at week 20ish #advicepls

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hi there! it is not uncommon for ladies lose weight in their first trimester due to nausea and poor appetite. my friend lost 7 kg in her first trimester as her morning sickness was very bad plus she was carrying twins. I lost 2kg in my first trimester. Now at 18weeks plus, I gained 1kg from my pre pregnancy weight and honestly when I wear non tight fit clothings, no one can tell I'm pregnant as I do not have a big bump as well.. I would say as long as the baby is growing on track during each doctor's appointment.. there is nothing to worry about. if your MS has subsided now in the second trimester, try to eat better and you'll slowly gain back the weight lost like I did. Take care fellow mommaaaa!!

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1mo ago

thanks for the information & advice mumma! 🫶🏽

Hello! Im on my 16th week and just starting to gain a lil weight, also starting to get back on my appetite. My weight also declines on 1st trim since i dont like to eat at all, i just forced myself to eat at least small amount of food at that time, bec having no food/liquid in stomach makes vomiting even worst. My bump too is not that obvious which i was also worried, but ob said baby is okay. Also some says bump will start to be noticeable might be on 5th month onwards.

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1mo ago

yea i noticed my nausea gets really bad if i dont eat as well. glad to know im not alone! 🫶🏽

I lost 10kg in 1st trimester, just in 3 weeks.. but baby growing well when I went for detailed scan in week 12.. so don't worry, baby will get all the nutrient, only you yourself need to get more for your own sake.. just eat and drink as per your liking and enjoy..

1mo ago

thanks for the information & advice angela!

i lost 5 kg in my 1st trimester, was only 48kg .. all due to my bad morning sickness, i barely can stomach any food .. i start to eat alot during my 3rd trimester .. as for the bump, mine only shows at week21 ...