B1 Vs B2+ rooms

I am a little confused with B2+ and B1 rooms. Any recommendations and why the preference? Is there space for husband to sleep near us? I read about the foldable bed available for them in the children's ward. What is children's ward? Is it same room as us? Is the food and other services same in all rooms (except A1)?#FirstPregnancy

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B2+ is under subsidy with 6 beds and a fan on top of each bed while B1 is a private ward with 4 beds, airconditioned, attached bathroom, TV & a telephone on each bed side. Of course price differs too. If you take B1, your check ups after birth will be under private patient. Husband are not allowed to sleepover and no extra bed is provided unless you take the A1 ward which is a room just by yourself. Different foods & different prices. Doctors will do their round about checks on you and not your gynae.

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11mo ago

No changes in their website but I read from other mums that B2+ is temporarily closed.