Wondering if anyone sees 2 gynae in first trimester but only does NIPT with 1?

I would like to go with a private at my 2nd trimester but am already on subsidised track with KKH from prior appointments. Wondering if anyone is seeing 2 gynaes, as I am thinking to do my NIPT with KKH for the subsidy and skip it with the private gynae to save cost. Wondering if that is okay and anyone did that before? #advicepls

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yes i did that too. do your nipt at kkh since its cheaper. then bring your results to your private gynae after you receive it at kkh

8mo ago

Thanks for sharing! Can I check if you informed your private doctor you are seeing KKH too right from the start or did you only see the private after getting the result from KKH?

NIPT is not compulsory, so yes you don’t need to do it twice.