Baby weight 1 month old

Hi, may I know your baby weight 1 month old and what milk brand did you give? Trying for something that helps with baby weight gain, and no constipation. TIA 😃 😊 #1stimemom #advicepls #firstbaby #firstmom

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mine ranging between 3.30kg - 3.40kg at 1 mth.. his formula is bellamy organic.. gentle on his stomach

Her birth weight was 3.1kg, 4.3kg at 1 month. We were using similac, just changed to S26 Gold

2y ago

I think it did! My baby was in the 75th percentile when she was 1 month old. Her poop/pee is normal and doesn’t spit up alot

my boy is born 3.2kg, 1month old his weight is 4.9kg, he is taking NAN

1y ago

is it the Nan optipro, the green color one? been looking at trying different formula