Leg Swelling at Week 32

May I know if it is normal for leg to swell almost the whole day? Currently I am in week 32 and my leg has swell on and off.. how do i reduce it? #advicepls

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The blood volume increases by 20% from the start of pregnancy and up to 45% at the end of pregnancy, compression stockings are therefore the perfect remedy to prevent venous disorders, overcome venous insufficiency and also provide relief. with "heavy legs".

It's normal. Elevate your legs when u r sitting or resting. Avoid standing longs hours but try to do some walking at least 30 mins a day when your legs are okay to promote blood flow. Hope it's helps.

yung OB ko po sabi nya to eat 2 boiled eggs 3x a day pero yung white lang kainin po hindi kasali yung yellow.

Water retention is normal during pregnancy. Drink lots of water and elevate your feet up high.

Someone recommended me to drink red bean soup and somehow it worked for me!

Put your leg higher than your head during sleeping

Keep your legs elevated for a good 15-20minutes.

Put a pillow to raise ur legs while u sleep

Drink lots of water 😉